Our website is online!
Monday, 16 June 2008

After months of waiting, finally we have managed to force our father to keep our website online. It was actually online months ago but it had never been always online 24/7, so off and on very often.

Our website was kept offline for so long just because our father is so perfectionist. Sorry dad we were just kidding! It was actually because of up to now, there is no good GPL CMS that can be used to easily develop and manage a simple website. Can you believe it?

Our father had tried quite a lot of CMS' until he decided to use Drupal. Even though we still can not have an easily manage website with Drupal as hacking is always required, it is at least the best CMS so far for our purpose. Especially that it is more flexible and has quite good documentation. Most of all other CMS’ are less flexible and have quite a lot of disadvantages. What are we talking about here? This paragraph should not be here at all! Anyway, for those who are interested to know more about this, just have a look on Site Info page.

So let's go back to the main topic! There is not much you can expect from our website at the moment. As it is just a plain website to keep our family, relatives and friends up to date with what is going on around us.

As our website is actually still under construction, there will be a lot of changes in daily basis. So please expect surprises! What you see now is actually the result of applying "quick and dirty" workarounds as a trade off of being online.