Welcome to our world
Audrianne Aubrianna

My name is Audrianne

And mine is Aubrianna

In order not to confuse everybody, we were given nick names: Audri and Anna.

As the name of our website suggests, we are twins. But unfortunately we are not identical twins so our parents can easily differentiate us. What a pity! We can not play tricks on them.

We are 5 years old and we will be 6 this November. But we are not kindergarten children anymore. We have started the school on the first of September. We are big girls now!

We would like to apologise to those who were looking for the news of our first day at school in the beginning of September, but found nothing. Our father was quite busy with something else, so he seemed to forget updating our website. Anyway, the news is there now together with our photos. We hope you enjoy them as we do.

What's new here?

A part from new sets of photos and minor updates, we also added the functionality for you to give comments on the pages where Add new comment links are available. We opened the contact form on the above Contact button to the public as well. So we can have two ways kind of communication. We prefer to communicate in English here, but it is entirely up to you. You can use any languages that you are comfortable with. But please be aware that we only understand English, German, Indonesian, Javanese and Sundanese languages. So we will have to use the online translator if you use any other languages than those.

We speak German very well. Our parents understand German, though they are still having difficulties in speaking. However, English is actually not our first language. We try to write everything in English, so everybody all over the world will understand. Therefore if you find wrong words or sentences which are grammatically wrong, please do tell us about that. We really appreciate if you could also tell us the right word or grammar according to the British (Oxford or Cambridge) standard. That will help us a lot, as from the first week we also get one hour of English class with a native speaker every day.